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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pierre Jamme Arrives

On May 29, 1687, Pierre Jamme arrived in Quebec on the ship Arc-en-Ciel. He was a soldier and, along with his company, commanded by Captain M. de Creusel, had departed from La Rochelle, France, on April 26, 1687. Pierre was the son of Jean Jamme, a farmer, and Marie-Charlotte Husse of Lantheuil, diocese of Bayeux in Normandy.

I try to imagine Pierre, at the age of 25, making such a journey. The trip across the Atlantic took over a month, and anyone who has sailed the Atlantic knows that the seas can be quite rough. What was that journey like for him? As he watched the receding shoreline of his homeland, I wonder if he planned to return as soon as his military service ended, or if he knew he would settle in New France.

When he arrived at the port of Quebec, he and the rest of his company was assigned to the garrison of Fort de la Presentation of Lachine. At the time, it was customary to house young soldiers among people in the community. Most likely, Pierre Jamme was assigned to the home of Pierre Barbary dit Grandmaison who was retired from service by then.

Marie Madeleine Barbary dit Grandmaison, Pierre's third eldest child, was only 15 when she caught Pierre Jamme's eye. In the fall of 1687, Pierre Jamme asked for her hand, and on October 24, 1688, they had signed a marriage contract, notiarized by the royal notary, Jean-Baptiste Pottier. The contract stated their intention to marry and set out the terms of the marriage, such as any dowry to be paid. The record showed, the dowry of 300 "livres" (approximately $300), on behalf of Pierre Jamme to his wife and one heifer, two pigs, a half dozen hens and a cock from Marie Madeleine's parents.

The marriage contract was a cermony of great importance in both France and New France. At least 10 witnesses attended the ceremony; among them were Marie Madeleine's parents, several neighbors of the Barbarin family, some comrade-in-arms such as Pierre Buisson who also belonged to the De Cruzel company from whom Pierre Jamme had obtained permission to marry, and Captain M. de Creusel, Pierre's commanding officer.

By the time this contract was signed, Pierre Jamme was known as Pierre Jamme dit La Carriere, shown by his signature on the contract. The addition of "dit La Carriere" to his name signified his "career" as a soldier. From this time forth, my family was known as Jamme dit Carriere, and, eventually, simply Carriere.

On February 29, 1689, Pierre Jamme dit Carriere and Marie Madeleine Barbary dit Grandmaison were married in Lachine at the church of Saints-Anges. It is not known if they moved into their own home, but most likely they continued to live with Marie Madeleine's parents. This may have been because Pierre Jamme dit Carriere was still in the Navy and was often away.

By this time, three of the Barbary children had died in childhood, and Marie Lebrun was pregnant with her 10th child. A month before she gave birth to her last child, baby Marguerite, two other Barbary children met with tragedy. Anne, age 4, and Jean, age 2, were killed accidently in a household fire. The parish priest, Pierre Remy, wrote about the incident in the parish register: ". . . lesquels furent trouves a moitie brules le 28 avril proche le four de Pierre Barbary leur père, auquel le feu prit par hasard . . . (both having been found half-burned on April 28 near the oven of their father, that had accidently caught fire)."

This proved to be an omen of what was yet to come.


  1. I am also a direct descendant of pierre barbary dit grandmaison and ann marie lebrun. Nice to see the story that you bring to life.

  2. Thank you for your comment. It's gratifying to know there are other descendents out there reading this story!

  3. Anne-Marie CarriereAugust 13, 2010 at 11:02 PM

    Thanks, my aunt told me to check this out as I am leaving for Normandy next week. WOW, amazing how that is the place I chose to travel to for my first big trip overseas.

  4. I am a direct decendent of Jean Jamme of Normandy. I have been trying to find more information about his parents. Your information and research is greatly appreciated.

  5. I'm a descendant I am grateful for this info. Now if I can just find the rest of my genealogy.

  6. Stephanie CarriereJune 1, 2012 at 5:24 PM

    I am also a descendant of his and Patrick's (see above comment) first cousin.

  7. How did Jamme become Carriere?
    My husband is 9 generations down the tree from Pierre Jamme.
    Maureen Carriere

  8. Great read :-) My Mother is a Carrier, I've researched my family tree and I'm direct descended of Pierre. On my father side its Trottier dit DesRivieres also migrated in 1646

    Roch DesRivieres

  9. Hi Rebecca, I am also a descendant of this family. My Great Grandfather was Arthur Carriere.