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Saturday, July 2, 2011

On to Novels

I spent quite a lot of time in 2010 working on one of my true family stories, which I posted here.  Many of you sent me emails and posted comments during that time, and I loved reading what you had to say.  Then I went quiet because I began spending all my time finishing my first novel.  Well, now it's done, so I'm ready to start posting again.  But this time I'll write about something different.

While I was writing my (recently published) novel, Legend of the Lonely Hart, people asked me a lot of questions about it.  Where did you get the idea?  How did you find out all the historical information?  Where did the characters come from?  So, I have decided to dedicate some of my posts to answering those questions and telling you about some of the real characters and incidences that happened along the way.  Kind of a "making of . . ." series.  I hope you have fun reading my posts.

Why was it called The Poodle Ranch, and why did you change the title?
That was my working title, and lots of people wanted to know why I changed it.  Originally, the novel was supposed to be about the changing culture of Northern New Mexico - and there are poodles in the book.  So the title made sense.  But then the characters starting taking over, as they so often do, and they decided the book was also going to include another high-profile theme: how legends (and secrets) shape a family.  Legend of the Lonely Hart described the book much better, and I liked the wordplay.

If you have read my book, let me know what you think about the title.

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