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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two Sources

In my novel, Legend of the Lonely Hart, the historical chapters include letters from the main character, Maggie, to her sister.  I love reading letters and journals by women writing about a place and time.  Their concerns and observations are often so different from that of the men, and I can feel what their lives were like.  Maybe it's the voyeur in me, but I knew I had to include letters in my book.  My favorite journal was by Susan Magoffin who travelled on the Santa Fe Trail in 1846.  Here's a link about her:

Susan Magoffin

I also found some great books that described early white women's experiences in the southwest.  One of my favorites was No Life for a Lady, by Agnes Morley Cleaveland.  She was born on an isolated New Mexico cattle ranch and her stories about growing up are so descriptive, you can practically smell the sagebrush.  Here's a link about her book if you're interested in New Mexico during the 1800's.    

No Life for a Lady

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